Multi-Specimen Fatigue

To reduce time and costs for developing fatigue life (s/n) curves for NiTi, CoCr, and SS stent materials and structures, TA ElectroForce has configured multi-specimen test systems utilizing the versatility of the ElectroForce 3200 and 3330 test instruments. Both systems include the enhanced measurement capability of the TA ElectroForce High Accuracy Displacement Sensor. This enables an even wider range of testing by improving low-amplitude displacement measurements, all through a single, easy-to-use displacement channel. The sensor is calibrated to the highest accuracy class, Class A, of ASTM E-2309

Peripheral Stent

Peripheral arteries have greater bending, twisting, and stretching motions than coronary arteries, so stents placed in peripheral arteries will undergo greater stresses and strains. We have developed the ElectroForce 9400 multi-axis peripheral stent (MAPS) test instrument for stent applications in peripheral arteries. This programmable instrument simulates the complex loading that stents experience in the peripheral arteries. These include the renal arteries, the carotid arteries, and the femoral-popliteal arteries.

Drug Eluting Stent

ElectroForce Systems Group has developed a multiple tube stent test instrument for fatigue & durability testing of coated stents and drug eluting stents for regulatory approval. The ElectroForce 9210 system provides a new standard of performance resulting in expedited time to market and improved testing accuracy.

Through a combination of new and existing proprietary ElectroForce technologies, the instrument allows a user to test twelve specimens simultaneously and provides increased distention uniformity along the stent profile. It combines high-frequency performance with the necessary precision for particle capture. This programmable instrument is capable of controlled pulsatile radial distension of stents in silicone, latex, or other elastomeric mock arteries, or in straight tubes or tubes with other physiologically relevant configurations (i.e. pulse on a bend).

Stent/Graft Testers (SGT)

The NEW DuraPulse Stent/Graft test (SGT) instrument extends the performance and reliability that ElectroForce SGTs have become known for over the past 20 years. Still utilizing proprietary high-bandwidth, low-distortion ElectroForce actuator technology to provide best-in-class performance, the DuraPulse SGT incorporates a modular manifold design that allows the user to easily change out manifold and tube sets to optimize sample throughput for various stented device sizes. An enhanced software user interface is easier to use and includes inner diameter (ID) and outer diameter (OD) radial strain calculations, improved strain control modes, and simplified data acquisition.

Heart Valve Durability

Using proprietary ElectroForce controls and linear motor technology, the DuraPulse Heart Valve Test (HVT) instrument achieves smooth waveform fidelity and precise control for accelerated heart valve durability testing. Automatic feedback control and independent test chambers ensure that established test conditions are maintained throughout the test. The DuraPulse HVT instrument provides testing to the ISO 5840 standard for heart valve durability assessment.