DLF 2800

DLF 2800 系统功能强大,可进行高达 2800°C 的精准热扩散系数测量。. << 查看全部闪光导热分析仪 说明特性技术参数Technology性能Software Discovery 激光闪光 DLF 2800 是一款先进的独立仪器,可测量材料的热扩散系数和比热容,温度范围从室温直至 2800°C。其独特设计中包含专属激光器、激光光纤、检测器和加热炉技术,以及独特的六样品位转盘,可提供空前的测量精度和样品处理量。DLF 2800…

DLF 1600

Discovery Laser Flash DLF 1600’s source module is a freestanding unit employing a custom Class 1 35 J Nd:Glass laser pulse source. It provides a collimated, monochromatic energy pulse to specimens heated up to the temperature of 1600°C. The laser radiation is delivered via a proprietary fiber optic delivery wand which ensures a 99% homogenized laser pulse. Leading to much more accurate measurements than any direct firing laser pulse instruments. The laser source produces a 300 µs to 400 µs pulse width.

DLF 1200

The Discovery Laser Flash DLF 1200 employs a custom Class 1 Nd:Glass Laser pulse source to provide a collimated, monochromatic energy pulse with a 300 μs to 400 μs pulse width. Ideal for labs that need to measure thermal diffusivity, heat capacity or thermal conductivity at temperatures up to 1200°C, or require the power of a laser in a compact benchtop instrument.

Equipped with a liquid nitrogen-cooled IR detector, DLF 1200 provides high precision, quick response, non-contact measurements in air, inert gas or vacuum to 10-3 torr. Simple to operate and safe to use, easy to maintain and very economical to operate, these systems are suitable for research and development programs, as well as quality control.